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Leena's Eats Catering Services makes your special events more memorable. We provide quality service while satisfying our customers' needs. Servicing North Carolina and South Carolina, we offer catering solutions for any event (large or small) with diverse menu selections.  Leena's pulls your event together to make you shine, not sweat!

Helping to make our customers' events a success is just one of Leena's basic standards.

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Evelyn Harris


The infamous Leena. Well, do tell girl... 

I grew up in the kitchen.  Born and raised in the northern city of Newark, NJ, but into a family from Blufton, GA (yes, a postage stamp on the map, if they're even on the map).  Growing up in my grandma's house, everything happened in the kitchen (family discussions / child rearing / career decisions / gossip, gossip, gossip / and yes, food...  everything we did was centered around food).  Who was bringing what to the barbeque / who was planning the 4th of July cookout, who was asked not to bring anything but her beautiful smile, because we all knew she was that cute aunt, but could not cook to save her marriage (LOL!)

I was intrigued by food.  How it made people smile, the way people reacted to aromas when they walked into a cooking home, the way a home cooked meal would bring people together at the toughest times.  Food is my gift.  It is my refuge. If I know you are facing a challenge, I will make you a meal to see you smile.  If you are too busy with work to tend to your family, I will prepare your weekly meals. If you just need a hug, I will make you a treat to warm your heart and soul, while making you smile.

Food is what I know and it is what I use to get to know you.  So sit back, relax and live in the moment of being a guest at your own special event, while Leena handles all background details and creates what you are dreaming about it the whole time through.

Remember...   This is all about you!

Leena's Dishes

See What We've Got Going On

Leena’s Eats will be Feeding Panelists and Volunteers at "EmPowercon”

The Premier Conference for Inspiring and Uplifting ALL of Humanity

(also, be sure to drop by Leena's vendor table for your jar(s) of spicy garlic and bbq sauce(s)

Saturday, September 28, 2019 @ 10am – 6pm

Charlotte Convention Center

501 S College St, Charlotte, NC 28202

Leena’s Eats will Have a Vendor Table at the Carolinas Sisters

"Bingo Birthday Bash"

Saturday, October 12, 2019 @ 3pm – 6pm

Noda 28th Creative Arts Studios

2424 N Davidson St, Suite 110, Charlotte, NC 28205



Please reach out to schedule a free consult and lite sampling with you and up to two members of your party planning team.  Together we will build the ultimate menu for your special event

Customer Comments

"Leena's Eats catered my housewarming party and was a huge hit! The food was thoroughly enjoyed by all my guests. In fact, several guests contacted me the next day about leftovers.  The presentation of the food exceeded my expectations! Very classy! Thank you Evelyn for all your hard work making my event a success."

Norma, Charlotte, NC

"If you like good food, then you must try Leena's Eats. Lasagna and chicken wings were ordered for a church e-Group celebration, and it was absolutely delicious!  The savory chicken and spices in the lasagna made your mouth water, yearning for another bite, even when your tummy was full.  The food was warm and perfectly seasoned; not even a "nibble" was left. On a scale of 1 - 10 (with 10 being the highest) the group rated the food a 15!"

Yvonne, Matthews, NC

"Me and my son just had the lasagna and it was amazing. It was so nice to come home and just have to microwave something for a few seconds that was so flavorful. I'm going to use the hot sauce tomorrow and the tartar sauce, but I did taste a little tonight and it was great!"

Corinne, Matthews, NC

"Evelyn -- I meant to text you last week to let you know how much we LOVED your spicy garlic sauce! Delish! Thanks for sharing!"

 Katrice, Charlotte, NC                       

"My first batch of wings with Leena's special sauce. What a hit! Can't make wings fast enough"

D, Harrisburg, NC  

Ms E. Oh my god! You didn't make these sauces. They're delicious.  Hands down to you sweetie!"

Sonya, Charlotte, NC